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Justice Academy

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Civilian Training

​Whether your focus is Marksmanship development or Defensive/Tactical use of firearms at CCJA we have the courses designed for novice and experienced shooters alike.

realtor concealed carry

Protect yourself while showing homes.  more

Law Enforcement

CCJA's primary mission is to provide the highest quality and state-of-the-art training to meet the needs and provide its students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to PREVAIL in a high threat operating environment.

job placement assistance

CCJA offers jobs placement assistance for students seeking employment.  more

CCJA is an innovative, privately-held training and security solutions provider serving government and commercial industries worldwide. Founded in 2008, CCJA was initially envisioned as a training facility to support the needs of local private security and law enforcement personnel. Today we are capable of providing training solutions in multiple locations across the globe, reacting to need with near-immediate deployment.

Now Offering a DC CCW Course!

Cost: $300

​​The course consists of 16 hours classroom and 2 hours of range training. The two hours of range training must include a 50-round qualification from a maximum distance of 25 yards with a minimum score of 70 percent. CCJA will Charge $300.00 for the 16 hours of Classroom training and the range portion. In addition to the training CCJA will give you all the required paper work that needs to be filed with MPD.

The Metropolitan Police Department will take your fingerprints and charge you a total of $110 ($75 for the application and $35 for your fingerprints). As part of the application fee MPD will register one carry handgun. Additional carry handguns will cost $13 each.

Note: Firearms in DC must be registered. Residents of DC would already have their firearm registered. Non-Residents who wish to obtain a DC License to Carry must register all firearms they plan on carrying in DC. A permit is valid for not more than 2 years from the date of issue. There is a list of locations where people are prohibited from carrying guns in DC.

mark pressley
medical director

Mark, CCJA's Medical Director ensures medical training standards are met while providing training and education in tactical medicine. 


Financing available

Contact us via email or by phone to inquire about our FREE financing and payment options.  more

Professional commitment with vision


We are fully committed to our students and the companies they represent; we fulfill this vision by providing the highest quality training for newly hired trainees and veteran personnel alike.

Commonwealth Criminal Justice Academy provides its students with the skills, knowledge, ethical guidance, and leadership development necessary from which they can build their career foundations in the Industry. 

Women's concealed carry

Our women's concealed carry training course is tailored specifically to womem.  more

Tom perroni
TRAINING director

Professional and administrative management and oversight of CCJA’s training and development of tactical training through experience and education.


accelerated EMT

CCJA offers a 17 days approved accelerated EMT course. more

DCJS/Private Security

At CCJA we are committed to provide extensive, realistic, progressive, practical, responsive and Industry relevant training and help you turn your skill and talent into a promising security career.

GLOBAL Leader in Private Security, Medical, Law Enforcement, Military and Civilian Training


CCJA Mission Statement

DCJS Online Training

CCJA now provides online DCJS In-Service Courses for Private Security Professionals who currently hold a DCJS registration. (14I Students must contact our office to schedule a range date to Re-Qualify once they have completed the online course.)

Vincent Chambers
asst. TRAINING director

As Assistant Training Director, Vincent provides oversight and execution of training ensuring students meet or exceed training expectations.


Military Training

CCJA's courses focus on enhancing the operator’s ability to prevail while engaged in combat in semi permissive and non permissive operations in both urban and rural environments.

Medical Training

CCJA provides emergency medical training that best supports military, law enforcement, private security and operations teams.


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