CCJA Instructors

Professionals in their Fields

All Instructors at Commonwealth Criminal Justice Academy are active security professionals. Our instructors not only teach the material but also practice it in the field. This provides the student with the ability to get text book information that has been tempered in real world experience.

Adjunct Instructor Roster

Brad Naylor

Former Police Officer, Former Program Manager for Contract Security at the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), DCJS General/Firearms Instructor, Maryland State Police Handgun Instructor, MDTS Instructor, Pepper Spray Instructor, Surveillance/Counter-surveillance Instructor, Taser International M-26 & X-26 Instructor, American Red Cross Instructor Trainer, Massachusetts Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors & Armorers Association Simulation Safety Instructor, Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist (ATAB), Current Quality Assurance Manager and Strategic Planner for Contract Security to the US military and Federal Government.

Chris Pick

Former U.S. Army, combat veteran (Iraq), current PPS/PSD contractor, General Instructor and Firearms and Tactics Instructor.

Jason Williams

Lead SWAT instructor. Former Commander DC Metro Transit Police SWAT Team. Current General and Firearms Instructor.

Pete Spooner

Former Naval Special Warfare (Special Boat Team & other special mission units), combat veteran (Persian Gulf) current PSD contractor, General Instructor and Firearms and Tactics Instructor, Defensive Tactics/Judo Instructor.

Russ Cook

Former U.S. Army Ranger 3rd Batt, Medic and combat veteran (Iraq) current PSD contractor, Dyncorp CIVPOL PSD,EODT convoy security, PSD Parsons RAID / EAGLE EYE FLIR system team leader, Cochise Security PSD, Convoy, ASP security for Class V cargo, Armor Group North America, PSD, Bachelors of Science, George Mason University ,General Instructor and Firearms and Tactics Instructor. TCCC medical Instructor.

Frank Borelli

Former Army Military Policeman / Combat Engineer, retired law enforcement Lieutenant. Owner/Editor New American Truth magazine, equipment evaluator Blackwater/US Training Center, Editor Current Maryland Police Instructor Firearms, Officer Survival, Defensive Tactics, Low Light Strategies, Force-on-Force Scenario, general topics. Current NRA Certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor. NRA Life Member, member Illinois Tactical Officer Assoc., Ohio Tactical Officers Assoc., National Tactical Officer Assoc., International Tactical Officers Training Assoc.

Joseph Trindel

Former U.S Marine combat veteran, Former Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal, developed the USMS Fugitive Task Force, National ERT team, Adjunct Instructor George Washington University for WMD. Director Dept. of Homeland Security ICE/Federal Protective Services NCR. Vice President Covenant Security Services. Federal Law Enforcement Firearms/Tactics Instructor, N.R.A. and FLETC Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor certified. Active member of International Law Enforcement Educators & Trainers Association, ("ILEETA"), International Tactical Officers Training Association ("ITOTA"), and International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors, ("IALEFI").

Scott Olsen

Former U.S. Coast Guard; Retired Central Intelligence Agency, Office of Security, Multi-Disciplined Security Officer. Current EP/PSD Operator. General Instructor, Driving Instructor, Surveillance Counter Surveillance Instructor.

Randy Weekley

Kyoshi Weekley has spent close to 30 years training, mastering and teaching the martial arts. He began his martial arts career while studying for a degree in criminal justice. As he traveled around in pursuit of a career in law enforcement, he was able to sample many different martial arts before discovering Ninpo Tai Jutsu. This was to become a life changing discovery.

During his years of training he was a personal student for 17 years of both Sensei Chadwick Minge and Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura of the Genbukan Ninpo/Ninjutsu Traditions, where he learned the arts of the Ninja, Jujutsu and many other family lines of martial arts. During his last trip to Japan, Kyoshi Weekley tested for and received his certification and title of Kyoshi, (Master Teacher), from Soke Tanemura.

Kyoshi Weekley resigned from the Genbukan organization in 2004, but continues to advance his training in the arts of Ninjutsu, Jujutsu, Mixed Martial Arts, Krav Maga, Extreme Close Quarters Combat, Combatives, Defensive Tactics and Tactical Firearms. He has trained on 5 of the 7 continents, teaching and training with schools in Japan, Thailand, China, Mexico, Australia, England, Spain, Greece, Jamaica, Bermuda and across the United States.

Kyoshi Weekley opened his first dojo in Parker, Colorado in February of 1992. He continues to teach at this school and at his dojo in Elizabeth, Colorado as well as travelling the world teaching defensive tactics, combatives, firearms, and personal defense. Kyoshi Weekley is dedicated to educating people about the great benefits that the martial arts have to offer, and to helping martial artists and martial arts instructors become better at what they do. To this end, he has created one of the best martial arts curriculums available today. In addition to his martial arts training, Kyoshi Weekley is also trained as a doctor of Oriental Medicine, a certified rescue diver, certified as a personal trainer, a pistol, rifle, shotgun firearms instructor and is a successful author of several books on Martial Arts, Fitness, Business, and Child Safety.

In 2006, Kyoshi Weekley founded the Ninpiden International Ninjutsu Martial Arts Association, (N.I.N.M.A.A.). The N.I.N.M.A.A. Association was created with the concept of having a group of highly qualified martial artists in different styles available to help martial artists and martial arts instructors become better at what they do. NINMAA gives martial artists a common ground in which to advance the aspects that are common to all martial arts. Kyoshi Weekley continues to serve as President of N.I.N.M.A.A.

2010 to Present, Kyoshi Weekley has been on the East Coast instructing military contractors in various, job specific, skills including firearms and Defensive Tactics.

Zach Rainey

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Instrumentation Biologist, Forensic Biologist, Virginia Division of Forensic Science, Analytical Chemist Assistant, Northern Illinois Police Crime Laboratory (NIPCL), Forensic DNA Intern, American Red Cross Instructor Certified: Instructor in First Aid, CPR, Water Safety, and Lifeguard Training, DNA Auditor Training, MARTIAL ARTS Instructor, Karate: 5th Degree Black Belt, Isshin-ryu Karate Instructor (20 years) Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: 2nd Degree Blue Belt, Assistant Instructor at "The LAB" mixed martial arts school, Jujitsu: Brown Belt, Judo: Green Belt.

Kymlee Murphy

Firearms & Tactics Instructor ACADEMI, Firearms & Tactics Instructor OMNIPLEX, Vice President Operations CCJA, Field Operations Manger Allied Barton, Branch Operations Manger US Security Assoc., Former New Hampshire Police Officer, EP/PSD Operator, DCJS General / Firearms Instructor, Larry Smith Pepper Spray Instructor, Safariland MEB Instructor, Safariland MDTS Instructor, ASHI First Aid CPR AED Instructor Trainer, AHA First Aid CPR AED Instructor Trainer, Red Cross First Aid CPR AED Instructor Trainer SWAT Medic Instructor, TCCC Instructor, Active Shooter Instructor

Tony Greene Jr

Mr. Greene is registered with Virginia DCJS as a private investigator, executive protection agent, and private security services instructor. Mr. Greene served as a law enforcement officer from 2004 until 2018 in the Commonwealth of Virginia. During his time as a law enforcement officer he worked as a patrolman, SWAT member, crash reconstruction specialist, forensic field technician, defensive tactics instructor, field trainer, general instructor, police motorcycle operator, SWAT medic, and various other positions. Mr. Greene was appointed as his SWAT team's Training Coordinator, organizing and conducting training with the team and surrounding State, Local, and Federal tactical units. Mr. Greene is an instructor at Commonwealth Criminal Justice academy where he teaches courses involving firearms, investigations, and executive protection. Mr. Greene is the CCJA Lead SWAT Instructor, lead Defensive tactics instructor as well as the leader instructor for the Active Shooter program. Mr. Greene has supervised and conducted large scale surveillance and counter-surveillance operations domestically as well as internationally. Mr. Greene currently consults for several private companies for active shooter, investigations, and threat management.

William Tupper

Currently a DCJS General Instructor; Unarmed & Armed Security, DCJS Firearms Instructor; Handgun, Shotgun, Advanced Firearms/PPS, Patrol Rifle, Alarm Respondent, Security Officer Handgun. Retired West Virginia State Trooper, 20 years, Sergeant, Detachment Commander, Special Response Team (SRT) Entry Team member-13 years, Team Leader/Assistant Team Leader-7 years, Dept. of Justice FBI Chemical Agents Instructor, Dept. of Justice DEA Clandestine Lab Certified, US Army Counterdrug Special Reaction Team, Chemical munitions handler, Specialized Building Entry-Covert Entry and Subtle, Mechanical Breacher, Hostage Negotiator, Tactical Aircraft Entry certified, HazMat certified-operator level, US Army Veteran-9.5 years, 82nd Airborne Division, Jumpmaster

John Dickens

Currently a DCJS General Instructor; Unarmed & Armed Security, DCJS Firearms Instructor; Handgun, Shotgun, Alarm Respondent, Mine Safety Health & Training Surface Instructor, Certified West Virginia and Virginia surface mine instructor, West Virginia EMT. Mr. Dickens is also a Retired Army Combat Veteran after 25 years of service.

Jeff O'Neill

Mr. O’Neill has over fourteen years of law enforcement experience. He is a nine year law enforcement veteran and former Army Military Police Officer. During his career he has been involved in every type of criminal investigation at the local, state and federal levels. Jeff has served as a Detective, a member of the U.S. Marshal Fugitive Task Force and has served as a team member of SWAT. He has graduated both Federal and State Police Academy’s along with holding several certifications such as General Instructor, Field Training Officer, Basic and Advanced SWAT, FBI Field Evidence Technician, Detective Level I and several other advanced evidence collection schools. Since 2009, Jeff has been an NRA Law Enforcement Instructor for Handgun and Shotgun. He is also a Civilian NRA Instructor certified in Pistol and Shotgun, Home Firearm Safety and Personal Protection in the home.

Greg Hibbard

Mr. Hibbard graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science in education. He became a full time Nationally Certified Paramedic and a volunteer Firefighter/Medic in the state of Pennsylvania, and later a Paramedic in the Commonwealth of Virginia. He used his background in education to become a certified instructor for several advanced and basics medical classes. After joining Law Enforcement as an Officer for the Metropolitan Police Department in 2003, he expanded his instructor training to certifications in Vehicle Skills Instruction, Mountain Bike instruction, National Rifle Association Law Enforcement Hand and Shotgun Instruction, Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services instruction, as well as CPR, AED, and Basic First Aid Instruction. He has been assigned to the Security Officers Management Branch since 2013 as a Firearms Instructor Coordinator, and has extensive knowledge regarding firearms instruction. With over 16 years of Law Enforcement experience and a total of almost 10 years of Fire/EMS experience, along with extensive instructorship experience, Mr. Hibbard is an asset to our instructional team.

Medical Instructor Roster

Sandra Marie Taylor, BSN, RN, NREMT

Lead EMS Education Coordinator

Sandra has been a Registered Nurse in the Spotsylvania, Fredericksburg, Fauquier area for 28 years. She earned her Associates in Applied Science in Nursing Degree from Germanna Community College in 1994. Later in her nursing career pursued her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Old Dominion University. Presently working on her Master’s in Education at American Sentinel University.

Drawing on her multiple experiences as an ICU/critical care nurse, Cardiac Cath lab/Holding/Electrophysiology nurse, Kidney-Smart Educator, ACLS instructor, as well as being a BLS instructor, has taught and coordinated numerous basic and advanced levels of medical courses. Opened and ran multiple peritoneal outpatient dialysis units in Virginia and Maryland, as well as opening and running a 23-hour observation chest pain unit in the Emergency Department at Mary Washington Hospital in the early-2000’s. Sandra currently works full-time as Lead EMS Education Coordinator at Commonwealth Criminal Justice Academy.

Steve Lynd, NREMT-P

EMS Education Coordinator

Steve is a Battalion Chief/Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator for a central Virginia combination career/volunteer Fire & EMS Department. He has worked for the department since 2002. He started his EMS career with Ladysmith Volunteer Rescue Squad in 1996. In 1999 he earned his Paramedic from Virginia Commonwealth University. He heads up the Emergency Management Division, and supervises one of the 24 hour operational shifts. Steve is a certified Flight Paramedic. Steve is the program lead for his department’s Joint Public Safety Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Team. He has been an EMT instructor for 15+ years. Steve holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Fire Science and completed the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s National Emergency Advanced Academy. Steve is a VEMA/VDEM Professional Emergency Manager.

Tammy McDaniel, NREMT-P

EMS Education Coordinator

Tamara earned an Associate’s Degree in Emergency Medical Services through Northern Virginia Community College. With 11 years of experience in the field as a 911 medic, she currently serves as Operations Captain and Training Coordinator for Richmond County Department of Emergency Services. She received her Education Coordinator certification with the Virginia Office of EMS in 2010 and is also an American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI) instructor.

Jim Bartlett, NREMT

EMS Education Coordinator

Mr. Bartlett served as a US Army combat engineer prior to his service in emergency services with multiple overseas taskings. In the mid-2010 he returned to Virginia and earned his EMT, Advanced EMT and began service with Fredericksburg Rescue in an urban 911 setting. He attained his VA Education Coordinator in 2015 and began teaching EMT for state and National Registry while serving as the department Training Lieutenant.

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