CCJA Instructors

Professionals in their Fields

All Instructors at Commonwealth Criminal Justice Academy are active security professionals. Our instructors not only teach the material but also practice it in the field. This provides the student with the ability to get text book information that has been tempered in real world experience.

Adjunct Instructor Roster

Randy Weekley

Kyoshi Weekley has spent close to 30 years training, mastering and teaching the martial arts. He began his martial arts career while studying for a degree in criminal justice. As he traveled around in pursuit of a career in law enforcement, he was able to sample many different martial arts before discovering Ninpo Tai Jutsu. This was to become a life changing discovery.

During his years of training he was a personal student for 17 years of both Sensei Chadwick Minge and Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura of the Genbukan Ninpo/Ninjutsu Traditions, where he learned the arts of the Ninja, Jujutsu and many other family lines of martial arts. During his last trip to Japan, Kyoshi Weekley tested for and received his certification and title of Kyoshi, (Master Teacher), from Soke Tanemura.

Kyoshi Weekley resigned from the Genbukan organization in 2004, but continues to advance his training in the arts of Ninjutsu, Jujutsu, Mixed Martial Arts, Krav Maga, Extreme Close Quarters Combat, Combatives, Defensive Tactics and Tactical Firearms. He has trained on 5 of the 7 continents, teaching and training with schools in Japan, Thailand, China, Mexico, Australia, England, Spain, Greece, Jamaica, Bermuda and across the United States.

Kyoshi Weekley opened his first dojo in Parker, Colorado in February of 1992. He continues to teach at this school and at his dojo in Elizabeth, Colorado as well as travelling the world teaching defensive tactics, combatives, firearms, and personal defense. Kyoshi Weekley is dedicated to educating people about the great benefits that the martial arts have to offer, and to helping martial artists and martial arts instructors become better at what they do. To this end, he has created one of the best martial arts curriculums available today. In addition to his martial arts training, Kyoshi Weekley is also trained as a doctor of Oriental Medicine, a certified rescue diver, certified as a personal trainer, a pistol, rifle, shotgun firearms instructor and is a successful author of several books on Martial Arts, Fitness, Business, and Child Safety.

In 2006, Kyoshi Weekley founded the Ninpiden International Ninjutsu Martial Arts Association, (N.I.N.M.A.A.). The N.I.N.M.A.A. Association was created with the concept of having a group of highly qualified martial artists in different styles available to help martial artists and martial arts instructors become better at what they do. NINMAA gives martial artists a common ground in which to advance the aspects that are common to all martial arts. Kyoshi Weekley continues to serve as President of N.I.N.M.A.A.

2010 to Present, Kyoshi Weekley has been on the East Coast instructing military contractors in various, job specific, skills including firearms and Defensive Tactics.

Kymlee Murphy

Firearms & Tactics Instructor ACADEMI, Firearms & Tactics Instructor OMNIPLEX, Vice President Operations CCJA, Field Operations Manger Allied Barton, Branch Operations Manger US Security Assoc., Former New Hampshire Police Officer, EP/PSD Operator, DCJS General / Firearms Instructor, Larry Smith Pepper Spray Instructor, Safariland MEB Instructor, Safariland MDTS Instructor, ASHI First Aid CPR AED Instructor Trainer, AHA First Aid CPR AED Instructor Trainer, Red Cross First Aid CPR AED Instructor Trainer SWAT Medic Instructor, TCCC Instructor, Active Shooter Instructor

Allen "AJ" Unkefer

Mr. Unkefer is a Retired Sheriff’s Deputy. He is currently certified by DCJS as a General and Firearms Instructor. He is a National Rifle Association Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor for both Handgun and Shotgun, a Safari land Defensive Tactics, Monadnock Expandable Baton, Low Light/Pistol Mounted Light Instructor. He is also a Larry Smith "OC" Oleoresin Capsicum Instructor and a First Aid/CPR/AED Instructor.

Chad Lewis

Mr. Lewis has over 18 years of public safety (Law Enforcement/EMS) and private security experience across the United States, as well as in high threat environments such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

During his career, Mr. Lewis has served in a variety of roles; as the Training Operations Manager for a national protective services training academy, responsible for training management, curriculum development, procurement, and oversight of over 113 full-time and contract instructors. As a contractor, Mr. Lewis supported multiple stateside and overseas Dept. of State, Dept. of Defense, Dept. of Energy, and SOCCOM contracts, including roles as an operations officer, explosives detection K9 handler team lead, Emergency Response Team EMT and Team lead, and as tactical supervisor for a Class I Nuclear Facility.

A seasoned law enforcement officer, Mr. Lewis has served as a Patrol Sgt, Training Officer, K9 Handler, as well as a SWAT Medic and SWAT Commander.

Mr. Lewis is a licensed EMT-A, TCCC/TECC Instructor, and Virginia DCJS General Instructor.

Greg Duncan

Hi, my name is Gregory Duncan, I am a proud retired Marine. In addition to 20+ years of faithful service. I am also an experienced instructor with over a decade of experience. As the newest member to the Commonwealth Criminal Justice Academy team, I look forward to sharing expertise and meeting new people.

I currently carry certifications with The National Rifle Association, The Department of Criminal Justice Services, and the State of Maryland. Being an instructor is my passion! I enjoy helping people to meet their goals, whether it be someone just getting started or someone wanting to sharpen their skills. I have had the pleasure of training thousands of Marines, security officers, and civilians. I pride myself in ensuring each person is confident, knowledgeable, and prepared for future endeavors.

Jay Williams

Jay Williams is a retired NFL veteran, who’s role models were his father and big sister. His father James served 28 years on the Metropolitan Police department and his sister Victoria serve 20+ years with the U.S Capital Police in Washington DC, which lead him to his current career in security.

Jay currently serves on a Personal Protection Security Team that provides discreet personal protection for domestic and international VIPs and dignitaries. He conducts countersurveillance activities, comprehensive threat assessment investigations, provides tactical support, and produces advance and spot reports while in the field. He is a National Rifle Association (NRA) Certified Law Enforcement instructor and DCJS, Maryland, DC and Utah firearms instructor. Having taught firearms and safety procedures to security professionals in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. With over 10 years of experience as a personal security specialist, Jay brings the highest standard of personal conduct, discreet professionalism and an extensive portfolio of surveillance and situational expertise and awareness for each of his clients

William Tupper

Currently a DCJS General Instructor; Unarmed & Armed Security, DCJS Firearms Instructor; Handgun, Shotgun, Advanced Firearms/PPS, Patrol Rifle, Alarm Respondent, Security Officer Handgun. Retired West Virginia State Trooper, 20 years, Sergeant, Detachment Commander, Special Response Team (SRT) Entry Team member-13 years, Team Leader/Assistant Team Leader-7 years, Dept. of Justice FBI Chemical Agents Instructor, Dept. of Justice DEA Clandestine Lab Certified, US Army Counterdrug Special Reaction Team, Chemical munitions handler, Specialized Building Entry-Covert Entry and Subtle, Mechanical Breacher, Hostage Negotiator, Tactical Aircraft Entry certified, HazMat certified-operator level, US Army Veteran-9.5 years, 82nd Airborne Division, Jumpmaster

John Dickens

Currently a DCJS General Instructor; Unarmed & Armed Security, DCJS Firearms Instructor; Handgun, Shotgun, Alarm Respondent, Mine Safety Health & Training Surface Instructor, Certified West Virginia and Virginia surface mine instructor, West Virginia EMT. Mr. Dickens is also a Retired Army Combat Veteran after 25 years of service.

Greg Hibbard

Mr. Hibbard graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science in education. He became a full time Nationally Certified Paramedic and a volunteer Firefighter/Medic in the state of Pennsylvania, and later a Paramedic in the Commonwealth of Virginia. He used his background in education to become a certified instructor for several advanced and basics medical classes. After joining Law Enforcement as an Officer for the Metropolitan Police Department in 2003, he expanded his instructor training to certifications in Vehicle Skills Instruction, Mountain Bike instruction, National Rifle Association Law Enforcement Hand and Shotgun Instruction, Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services instruction, as well as CPR, AED, and Basic First Aid Instruction. He has been assigned to the Security Officers Management Branch since 2013 as a Firearms Instructor Coordinator, and has extensive knowledge regarding firearms instruction. With over 16 years of Law Enforcement experience and a total of almost 10 years of Fire/EMS experience, along with extensive instructorship experience, Mr. Hibbard is an asset to our instructional team.

Andrew Cresegiona

Andrew Cresegiona has over twelve years’ experience in the private security sector. Currently assigned to a Diplomatic Security Detail as an Executive Protection Specialist. This regularly requires Mr. Cresegiona to conduct and be ready for operations such as advances/advance reports, route recons, detail leader, counter surveillance, primary and follow driver, as well as being prepared for medical incidents, maintaining principle vehicles, monitoring media/social media, etc.

Frequent encounters with varying Government agencies as well as their protection teams including Department of State, U.S. Secret Service, local Law Enforcement, etc. emphasize Mr. Cresegiona’s ability to conduct himself in a manner appropriate for both himself, his client and his team. Mr. Cresegiona has previously worked for local Law Enforcement Department including The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police Department (MWAA) at both Dulles and Reagan Airports as a Traffic Control Officer and The Herndon Police Department as an Emergency Communications Technician certified in VCIN and NCIC.

Previous security experience has included both operational and physical security and has afforded the ability to work alongside multiple agencies and local departments across the Virginia and DC areas. Mr. Cresegiona also has a history in management of teams to include training, evaluations, participating in executive meetings, working with scheduling and the use and installation of CCTV equipment. Furthermore, he is familiar with the Criminal Justice System as he has had to appear in court for various work related cases.

Medical Instructor Roster

Sandra Marie Taylor, BSN, RN, NREMT

Lead EMS Education Coordinator

Sandra has been a Registered Nurse in the Spotsylvania, Fredericksburg, Fauquier area for 28 years. She earned her Associates in Applied Science in Nursing Degree from Germanna Community College in 1994. Later in her nursing career pursued her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Old Dominion University. Presently working on her Master’s in Education at American Sentinel University.

Drawing on her multiple experiences as an ICU/critical care nurse, Cardiac Cath lab/Holding/Electrophysiology nurse, Kidney-Smart Educator, ACLS instructor, as well as being a BLS instructor, has taught and coordinated numerous basic and advanced levels of medical courses. Opened and ran multiple peritoneal outpatient dialysis units in Virginia and Maryland, as well as opening and running a 23-hour observation chest pain unit in the Emergency Department at Mary Washington Hospital in the early-2000’s. Sandra currently works full-time as Lead EMS Education Coordinator at Commonwealth Criminal Justice Academy.

Steve Lynd, NREMT-P

EMS Education Coordinator

Steve is a Battalion Chief/Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator for a central Virginia combination career/volunteer Fire & EMS Department. He has worked for the department since 2002. He started his EMS career with Ladysmith Volunteer Rescue Squad in 1996. In 1999 he earned his Paramedic from Virginia Commonwealth University. He heads up the Emergency Management Division, and supervises one of the 24 hour operational shifts. Steve is a certified Flight Paramedic. Steve is the program lead for his department’s Joint Public Safety Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Team. He has been an EMT instructor for 15+ years. Steve holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Fire Science and completed the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s National Emergency Advanced Academy. Steve is a VEMA/VDEM Professional Emergency Manager.

Tammy McDaniel, NREMT-P

EMS Education Coordinator

Tamara earned an Associate’s Degree in Emergency Medical Services through Northern Virginia Community College. With 11 years of experience in the field as a 911 medic, she currently serves as Operations Captain and Training Coordinator for Richmond County Department of Emergency Services. She received her Education Coordinator certification with the Virginia Office of EMS in 2010 and is also an American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI) instructor.

Carolyn McGee, NREMT-P

EMS Education Coordinator

Carolyn made the jump into the world of Fire and EMS in 2010 as a volunteer member with King George Fire & Rescue, Inc. and quickly obtained Fire and EMS certifications while becoming a career provider with King George County Fire, Rescue & Emergency Services in 2013. She became a nationally registered Paramedic in 2013, obtained her VA State Education Coordinator certification in 2017, and has been the lead Education Coordinator and instructor of initial EMS courses for the department since that time.

In 2022, she played an integral role with pursuing accreditation, and instructing an Advanced EMT course with King George, and will be the acting program director for future AEMT courses. Carolyn is also a VA State Emergency Operations Instructor, ASHI (BLS/ACLS/PALS) Instructor and an American Red Cross (CPR/ACLS/PALS) Instructor, Fire Instructor, a certified Recruitment and Retention Coordinator, and currently works full-time on the day shift as a Lieutenant/Assistant Training Officer and RRC for King George.

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