Military Training

Tactical Courses

Pre-Deployment Training

Provides military personnel, D.O.D, PMC's, and civilians with training in evading capture, survival skills and military code of conduct. We teach all aspects of personnel recovery and survival in a hostile environment, Counterinsurgency (COIN), Cultural Awareness (CA), Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape and High Risk Isolation.

Our certified SERE and PR instructors hold advanced degrees and are cleared at the secret and top secret levels. Most of our SERE and PR instructors currently serve in the US military, USSOCOM/MARSOC/TRADET as officers or Non-Commissioned Officers.

  • DoD Cultural Awareness
  • OPNAV "Navy Firearms Qualification Course"
  • Deployment Qualification Course (DQC)
  • Foreign Weapons Familiarization Training
  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care Under Fire (Medical Training)
  • IED Awareness and Defeat Training
  • Travel Medicine
  • Military Pre-Deployment Training Course (5 Day)

Pre-Vetting Training Courses

  • WPPS/HTT/PSD Full Pre-Vetting Course (10 days)
  • WPPS/HTT/PSD Handgun (Glock) (2 days)
  • WPPS/HTT/PSD Handgun (Beretta M9) (2 days)
  • WPPS/HTT/PSD M4/Carbine (2 days)
  • WPPS/HTT/PSD Shotgun (Remington 870) (1 day)
  • WPPS/HTT/PSD SAW 240/249 (1 day)
  • WPPS/HTT/PSD Foot Form/Motorcade Operations (5 days)
  • Static Force Protection Training (7 days)
  • Counter Ambush (5 days)
  • Mobile Force Protection Training (7 days)
  • Foreign Weapons Familiarization (2 days)
  • Advanced Firearms Training Pistol/Carbine (5 days)
  • DDM I (5 days)
  • DDM II (5 days)

Entry Level Room Clearing

Realistic training provides students with the critical skills that are needed in life threatening situations they may encounter while performing on the job or mission, as well as the armed citizen.

This is a 2 Day course with 2 distinct classes:

  • Day 1 - Principals of Entry Level Room Clearing
  • Day 2 - Principles of Low Light Engagement

Simunition Guns, FX Marking Cartridges & Safety equipment provided w/tuition.

Aircraft Land/Water Survival

Training for "dry/wet ditching" to military and contract crew members so they are prepared for a water or land ditching scenario. Designed to assist flight crew and cabin crew members to survive in any situation. Students will receive classroom instruction and hands-on training with survival equipment.

Check course requirements before enrolling

  • CCJA
  • 540-322-3000
  • 56 Joseph Mills Drive Suite 100
  • Fredericksburg, Virginia 22408