About CCJA

Since 2007

Commonwealth Criminal Justice Academy (CCJA) has been NoVa's top tactical and medical training facility. We have prepared thousands of students to excel in a demanding industry. CCJA is Uniquely Qualified and able to support Tier 1 SOF specific requirements as well as conventional Special Purpose Forces, Law Enforcement, Private Security and OGAs.

About Us

Commonwealth Criminal Justice Academy is comprised of the industry's best professionals and instructors in their respected fields. The training offered at CCJA is as varied as the professionals that provide the training. These experiences range from Private Security, EMS, Medics, Law Enforcement, Military, Civilians and PSD/WPPS contractors. The common thread among our staff is each instructor possesses the qualifications required by a nationally accepted or academic standard for certification as a General / Firearms Instructor.

All instructors at Commonwealth Criminal Justice Academy are active professionals so the instructor not only teaches the material but also practices it in the field. This provides the student with the ability to get textbook information that has been tempered in real world experience.


Our 13,000-square-foot training facility displays an office identity that reflects our strong Washington DC/Northern Virginia presence and accommodates our future growth plans. CCJA maintains four separate classroom facilities, two of which are suitable for 15 students and two are suitable for 40 students. With a full kitchen and two break rooms in the building, we provide our students with enough space and food preparation area during their stay at the facility. CCJA also has a 1,400-square-foot multi-room shoot house. The house has 4 rooms with two long corridors. Other features include full ventilation for shooter health and safety and installed lighting for extended training hours. This well thought out and one-of-a kind facility insures we are providing cutting edge training to CCJA’s clients in Security, Medical, Civilian, Law Enforcement, and Military markets.

Past Performance

Commonwealth Criminal Justice Academy has a long history of effective performance on all its contracts but specifically its government contracts. Customer confidence in our performance has earned us our elite reputation. We bring decades of combined education and training as well as program management experience. CCJA has the ability and tenacious, goal-oriented attitude required to provide an exceptional, turnkey training package that exceeds the client’s expectations. The following was selected to demonstrate the experience and the capabilities of CCJA in performing tasks similar in scope to those identified by our client.

  • 540-322-3000
  • 56 Joseph Mills Drive Suite 100
  • Fredericksburg, Va 22408